New Off-Leash Park

10 months ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. Results will be compiled and reviewed by City Council as part of the budget discussions. Thank you for your comments and participation!

Parks & Recreation is looking at adding another off-leash park in the Rainbow Falls neighbourhood. 
Check out the video about this idea here.

What are your thoughts about this potential off-leash park?

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CLOSED: This discussion has concluded. Results will be compiled and reviewed by City Council as part of the budget discussions. Thank you for your comments and participation! 

  • Tish 10 months ago
    I thinks it’s a good area. We live on RF Glen and walk over there occasionally already with our dog. No issues with balls rolling down the hill, it’s pretty wide up there but an enclosed fence would be great. Parking shouldn’t be an issue as the street parking on either side of the hill is already public parking and shouldn’t really be reserved for residential parking. Trees and garbage cans would be beneficial as well, and maybe some better weed control up there. There’s a lot of thistles and is rough on the pups paws.
  • tornelious 10 months ago
    The off lease dog park we have is already a good enough space for the size chestermere is. I take my dog there once a week and the park is never busy. I like the upgrades that were done to the new park but I think it needs more. All that was done was beautification. There is tiny beach for dogs to swing. Most dogs love water, why can't we have a much larger access to the lake for the dogs.
  • DogMom 10 months ago
    I would love another dog park within city boundaries as long as it was enclosed to keep the dogs safe and keep the neighbouring residents free of disturbances.
  • Adam 10 months ago
    enclosed dog park is great. Make sure there is enough parking available.
  • Lcdenyer 10 months ago
    I think another off leash area would be great! I do however agree with many of the comments already posted. Not a great area unless a lot of work is completed. More fencing needed to keep dogs enclosed and safe from the roads and homes on all sides. We would need ample parking space, and a safe place to let the dogs out, as well as some planted trees/shrubs around to make things just better!!! I live right down the road so it's a convenient walk for sure, but not for everyone. I must say, there are already a number of dogs and owners that use the fields on both sides of Rainbow Falls Way/Drive. Awesome flat space for ball throwing!! Lots of work would be needed for this to work.
  • Jackie Hamilton 10 months ago
    I have a further comment regarding this location. Rainbow Falls Green is all duplexes on the south side of the berm, half of which have laned 2-car garages, therefore no parking pads in the front. Street parking on the street in front of the duplexes is used for guests, any extra vehicles, stop-and-go situations, unloading supplies etc. There is room to create a small parking lot at the east end of the berm, just past the towers.
  • Dschmidt 10 months ago
    I do agree with another off leash area but the proposed location isn’t the best. With the sloping on both sides of this location fencing will be required so the dogs can’t run out on the roads. There is not adequate parking for extra vehicles that would use the park. There is a location by No frills would would provide ample parking and a flat area for the dogs to run around safely.
  • pivarnyik 10 months ago
    Another off leash park would be amazing!!! The off leash area by the library is considered multi-use and I fear with the growing number of people moving to Chestermere the dogs and their owners will be relocated. A yearly dog license fee should cover some of the expenses and a second off leash park, fully fenced and only for dogs is way overdue.
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    • JoLem 10 months ago
      Agree - licensing fees should cover the cost to implement and maintain. Great idea.
  • Jackie Hamilton 10 months ago
    I am strongly against this proposed site. I agree with a dog park, but not this location. This is a raised berm with houses on both sides of it on Rainbow Falls Green and Rainbow Falls Link - and I am on RF Green, facing the proposed area. It would have to be completely fenced at the top such that a thrown ball would not go down the hill onto the street. Parking would have to be provided for people who drive there with their dog or else “Residents’ Parking Only” signs would have to be placed along the street. There are no trees or shrubs at the top to add interest to dogs. As an alternative, there is a very large tract of vacant land that has been empty for 6 years, owned by Truman, on RainbowRoad, just south of the mall in the NoFrills area. It is at least twice the size of the proposed area and if an agreement could be reached with Truman, it would make a perfect off leash park and it could include parking.
  • Amy 10 months ago
    I agree with other commenters a fenced in dog park would be great, instead of the current multi-use one we have with bike trails and walking paths running thru it.
  • Abby 10 months ago
    I don't have a dog, but a fenced dog park seems reasonable
  • Andrea 10 months ago
    Would love to see a fenced in dog park... there is a lot of traffic in that area and I would never bring my dog somewhere that I couldn’t be absolutely positive she would be safely contained. She loves to play with other dogs and loves to run, that is what I look for in a dog park... a good stretch where she can run full throttle but safely contained.
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    • MagdaM 10 months ago
      I couldn’t agree more! We desperately need an enclosed area to keep our dogs safe from traffic and give them area free of standard pedestrian and bicycle traffic.
  • Margherita 10 months ago
    Would like to see a fully enclosed dog park in the city.