Speed Limits

2 months ago
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Reducing the speed limit is one way to improve safety. What are your thoughts on this option?

Here are a few suggestions for your consideration: 

  • Implementing a speed limit reduction can have an immediate impact.
  • This is one of the easiest options to change immediately and is possible within the budget.
  • Challenges include enforcement on the new speed limit.
  • Local support is needed for this initiative to be successful.
  • Speeds may not be as much of a concern following the completion of development in Kinniburgh South.

  • Jallore 3 months ago
    ELR is the only street, with both sides of the road having houses facing it, that is 50 kmh. A speed limit change would not stop people who want to speed, but it will slow down the traffic in general. As the speed limit in all residential areas of the city are 40, I don’t see how this one remains 50, and I highly doubt lowering it would lower house values!!
  • ifarrell 3 months ago
    I don’t believe slower speed limits will help. I would look at gaining access to the walking path as a short term solution.
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    • Admin Commented City Communications 3 months ago
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  • tdekker 4 months ago
    Speed limits are already unnecessarily low which impedes traffic flow, and decreases capacity. It will increase commute times and may impact property values by lowering making houses on that street less desirable due to poor mobility.
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    • Admin Commented City Communications 4 months ago
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