Major Road Changes

11 Jan 2019
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Making major adjustments to this rural road will be expensive and complicated but are not impossible.

Here are a few considerations for you: 

  • Putting sidewalks on both sides of the road will require storm water to be handled with piping (rather than ditches) which requires storm mains to be installed, the road to be dug up and considerable cost and disruption to residents along the road.
  • Widening the road would have the similar cost and work as putting in sidewalks and require even more asphalt and construction impact on the neighbourhood.
  • Making changes of this scope would cost millions of dollars.
  • Making changes like this are a deviation from the planned rural feel of the community
  • Sources of payments for these projects may come through a local improvement bylaw for the residents impacted or would have to be included in a general City budget. 

Please provide your thoughts on some of the options listed. 

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Consultation has concluded. Thank you for your participation. 

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