Traffic Calming Ideas

over 1 year ago
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There are a some options for traffic calming measures to be added. 

Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:

  • Speed display boards (illuminated digital signs that indicate your speed)
  • Speed bumps
  • Changing the road to a one-way street and having a bike/pedestrian lane
  • Bump outs (concrete barriers that narrow the road in certain areas)
  • Implementing a parking ban on the road
  • Alternating east & west side garbage pickup
  • Add a flashing pedestrian crossing at Colton Court

What are your other ideas to increase safety in this area? Suggestions for your consideration are below.

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Consultation has concluded. Thank you for your participation. 

  • Jallore over 1 year ago
    I agree on making street parking illegal, at the very least, during peak hours. It is a narrow road, and while currently the street parking is mostly construction, all it takes to completely construct the road is for two houses to have a party across the road from each other. Access to the pathway system and crosswalks would be effective in keeping kids off the road on the walks to school. Also, a playground zone in the area between camp Chestermere and the school would be good as well.
  • tdekker over 1 year ago
    A lit (pedestrian activated) pedestrian crossing sign would be the most reasonable and cost effective approach considering the few residents that are impacted. Considering this is not a main route, is there evidence that volume is much above local traffic?
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    • Admin Commented City Communications over 1 year ago
      Hi tdekker - a pedestrian activated pedestrian crossing sign is something we are looking at for 2019. The road is a local residential street based on volume but due to the lack of sidewalks, some residents have raised concerns over pedestrian safety.
  • ifarrell over 1 year ago
    I would suggest a couple of pedestrian cross walks plus a couple of access points between houses to the rear walking paths along the east side of the road. The speed I don’t see as an issue once the empty lots are completed. I would however mention that street parking should be limited as a few times it has been tough to get down the road in anything that is larger than a small car. Maybe parking only on one side instead of both.
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    • Admin Commented City Communications over 1 year ago
      Thanks for your comment and suggestion about parking. We are certainly looking at this as an option.