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Have a comment, question or idea for the City you'd like to submit? Leave it here!

Have a comment, question or idea for the City you'd like to submit? Leave it here!

Have a great idea or a comment you'd like to leave? This is the place! 

Please note that this space is always open to comments and general suggestions from Chestermere residents. Once you submit a comment or question, it will be directed to the relevant staff person or member of Council for consideration and a response. 

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  • Why is parking on main streets allowed in chestermere during the winter season? We have noticed a particular vehicle on the Main Street for 6 weeks without moving. The city plow has consistently had to go around this truck. Isn't their bylaws about this?

    Judes asked 10 months ago

    Hi Judes - yes there are bylaws in place. If you notice a specific vehicle that has not moved, please contact our Peace Officers at or call 403-207-7058. Unfortunately they can't take official complaints through this site but would be happy to help you if you contact them directly. 

  • I'd like to see a paved pathway from Chestermere to Easthills Shopping Centre. Now that city transit comes to Easthills, my husband would like to ride his bike in the summer to Easthills to catch the bus downtown to work. It would also be good to be able to walk or bike to Easthills to shop. It isn't safe to use the shoulder on Hwy 1A.

    CharleeM asked 11 months ago

    Good thought! We will pass this along to our planners as a recommendation as these communities are developed. 


    It is still a ways out but the long term plan is to construct a pathway along Chestermere Boulevard from Marina Drive to Rainbow Road.  Once the new subdivisions within Chestermere’s boundaries are built to the west, this pathway will be extended to Conrich Road - beyond that point would be the City of Calgary's responsibility. 

  • I would like to recommend the installation of lights for visibilty on the intersection of highway 1 and range road 281. It is extremely dark at this intersection at night and with the change in speed limit there is a large window for misreading the oncoming car speeds. This intersection is used by alot of residents of kinniburgh and as well other east side residents and it deserves to have. Proper light fixtures at night time to prevent collisions. Thank you

    Aarondyck41 asked 11 months ago

    Thanks for the suggestion. We've passed this on to our team to look into. 

    Update: After chatting with our team, we learned that the highways and any lights on it would be managed by the Provincial Government's Transportation Department. You can call them toll free to provide this feedback at 310-0000. Hope that helps!

  • Just wondering if the bus idea to East Hills Shopping Centre is going anywhere.

    starchild asked 11 months ago

    We are currently in discussions with the City of Calgary on this topic. Stay tuned for more info!