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5 months ago
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Do you believe special events such as watersport competitions or winter sports events impact safety on the Lake? If so, please describe.

  • Kathy 6 months ago
    No, they are well advertised and closures have been in effect for the last several years.
  • Harvey 6 months ago
    Generally not if they are sanctioned events, communicated to lake users and supervised appropriately. However, excessive competitions may cause other summer/winter lake users to start circumventing barriers to lake use.
  • rcgregory1 6 months ago
    If they are well monitored, no I think they are okay.
  • Theo timmer 6 months ago
    As long as they are supervised, they should be ok
  • Mike_potter 6 months ago
  • LAK 6 months ago
  • alyssiajewel 6 months ago
    No, we have never seen any safety concerns attributed to these events
  • Jolleen 6 months ago
    no. if its a sanctioned event, so far in my experience, they close that portion of the lake down.
  • wweger 6 months ago
    Not a problem as long as they are restricted to a define portion of the lake.
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
      What area of the Lake do you think special events should be restricted to?
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      • Phil Wilson 6 months ago
        With the different amenities and water depths needed for each type of event you couldn’t restrict it to the north, for example. Water skiing, needs one condition while wake boarding, wake surfing and paddle boarding have variying needs.
  • Phil Wilson 6 months ago
    No. They are strictly regulated to ensure safety for both the public that are watching and the participants. If anything happens that risks safety the organizers and insurers will stop the event.
  • Elaine Simpson 6 months ago
  • ifarrell 6 months ago
    I would say that it does not pose any issues as it is a planned event with a specific path normally planned out. I would say it is safer than the average recreational user as the drivers do this circuit most of the season.
  • Brennan 6 months ago
    Not at all it is safer because the lake is shut down for events
  • bschrade 6 months ago
    No impact on safety, may be inconvenient for others that use the lake but competitions don't happen that often.
  • Pep 6 months ago
    Yes, wake surfing competitions have the greatest impact due to the large wake that is thrown vs wakeboard or waterski
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    • bert 6 months ago
      clarify question r we talking wake or competitions/
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      • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
        Hi Bert, We are asking if special events in the summer and winter impact the safety on the Lake. Wake surfing competitions could be an example.
  • Lake user 6 months ago
  • cgarlick 6 months ago
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
      Thanks for sharing! We will be posting our next question in a few minutes.