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5 months ago
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How would you describe the boat traffic on the Lake on a weekday? On a weekend?

  • Kathy 6 months ago
    During the week it's generally great, but as lakefront owners we don't venture out on the weekends as we've been involved in some near misses and have seen many more
  • Dugandoog 6 months ago
    Agreeing with most other comments weekend on the lake are non enjoyable anymore. From non chestermere residents over crowding and more and more watercrafts.What the city needs to address are the following:-Regulate more parking spaces for vehicles and there trailers.-Supervision and or large signage for rules at the boat launch ie: no swimming kids or dogs. This is a dangerous area with motorized machinery.-Relocate where paddle boarders enter the lake. A possible floating dock more north of the launch would eliminate numerous close calls of paddle boarders falling off there boards at the launch next to running boats.-Address the no wake zone north of the bridge and around boat launch and concrete barriers where people tie there boats up. I suggest the whole north area be a no wake zone this then allowing the small waterctafts (paddle boards, kyacks) to enjoy some safe waters.-Proper signage on both sides of the bridge to help with the underneath crossing of boats, seadoos and floaters. A simple red x and green circle on either side indicating the right path and direction to take. -More tickets handed out for unsafe and reckless driving.
  • Harvey 6 months ago
    All weather dependent, however usually weekdays okay until late afternoon as people come home from work. Weekends can be a zoo especially when people start renting the jet skis.
  • LAK 6 months ago
    Weekdays usually moderate, weekends are crazy if it’s nice
  • alyssiajewel 6 months ago
    Weekdays are usually fine but it's absolutely awful on the weekends (and some evenings) when temperature spikes. We stay off the lake most weekends because it's just too congested and the number of near misses between water crafts is horrifying. if we don't start capping the number of boats launched It is really only a matter of time until someone is seriously injured. I would rather see a cap put on the number of boats launched than be in a 'hind site 20/20' situation if something unfortunate does happen.
  • Jolleen 6 months ago
    weekdays seem to be ok. any weekend that's warm is way to busy and we stay off. its not fun when you are trying to ski and dodging the multiple paddle boards, jet skis, floaty unicorns and people that don't understand that a boat can't stop on a dime especially when they have someone behind. its not as bad further down the lake but trying to get through the 'gauntlet' at the bridge can be quite stressful.
  • Phil Wilson 6 months ago
    Weekdays are reasonable. But the weekend warriors from all over Alberta make the lake almost unusable when it’s forcsst to be hot. People driving in circles while watching behind them pulling tubes for the first time make the lake less safe.
  • Pep 6 months ago
    Weekdays are relatively safe, most boaters during the weekday are considerate of each other and property. Weekend Warriors are not the same. The number of boats on the lake on weekends exceeds the capacity of our small lake and is very dangerous, especially for those in non motorized boats. The lake capacity requires review, and this will only get worse as Chestermere continues to grow and future developments such as Chelsea and Dawson Landings become populated and residents given unlimited access to the lake.
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    • lesliedilts 6 months ago
      I agree and interestingly the sheer number of non motorized boats, paddle boats, paddle boards, kayaks, floaties it gets very congested and definitely makes it more difficult to manoeuvre around them all....would it be a good suggestion for especially the rentals to stay on the north end of the lake, freeing up some space in that already busy section?, especially in busy times like the weekends? The wakes and speeds are much lower, they can still go up the lake without any have rescued many that venture way too far down and get in nasty weather.
  • ifarrell 6 months ago
    I would say on average it is not that busy but, If it is a 25+ Weekend day it is really busy. This is not really out of the norm for any lake to have busy weekends as most people get those days off.
  • Brennan 6 months ago
    Crazy sundays!!!
  • bschrade 6 months ago
    Weekdays on the lake are not usually that busy until after people get off of work, weekend afternoons we usually stay off due to being too busy.
  • HL 6 months ago
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
      Are there certain times of the day that are busier than others? Let us know!
  • Lake user 6 months ago
    It can be busy on any day depending on the weather, but weekends tend to bring more lake users to Chestermere.
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
      Thanks for your input!
  • wweger 6 months ago
    Weekdays relatively quite. Weekends can get fairly busy but I have not really seen a problem, although extra care is required when boating. Most people go up and down the lake with less people going across which is helpful. Skiers and tubers require enough people on the boat to watch the person being towed plus assist the driver.
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
      Thanks for your feedback! We'd love your input on all our questions. More will be posted shortly!