Lake Safety Forum - Question # 3

5 months ago
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How would you describe the traffic on the Lake during the winter on weekdays? On weekends?

  • Kathy 6 months ago
    The winter traffic is moderate, sometimes noisy but they aren't out there long as it's dark so early in the winter. My only beef is the amount of garbage (cans) left behind and the partially burnt wood from people having fires on the ice.
  • Harvey 6 months ago
    All currently reasonable, although sometimes excessive noise with speeding snowmobiles day or night. Will be a concern if people are considering putting up and leaving ice shelters on the lake for ice fishing exceeding 24 hours.
  • alyssiajewel 6 months ago
    Traffic in the winter is always respectful, lighthearted and fun for all.
  • bschrade 6 months ago
    Traffic on the lake is usually not an issue in the winter, just a few ATVs and sleds with the fishermen.
  • HL 6 months ago
    Traffic during winter is fairly quiet although this past Sunday snowmobiles were quite noticeable and loud
  • Lake user 6 months ago
    Winter traffic is not a issue but the lake is used more frequently on weekends, ice fishing, snowmobiles etc.
  • wweger 6 months ago
    not really busy on weekdays; slightly more on the weekend but sill not very busy.