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5 days ago
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What winter activities have the greatest impact on safety on the Lake? Why?

  • Kathy 17 days ago
    Fast moving snowmobiles, atvs and motorcycles - they should stay away from people who are skating, walking, fishing etc.
  • Harvey about 1 month ago
    Currently snowmobiles travelling at excessive speeds.
  • alyssiajewel about 1 month ago
    Non-issue with the winter users.
  • Jolleen about 1 month ago
    I don't feel that winter sports is an issue
  • Phil Wilson about 1 month ago
    Winters are on our lake are extremely safe. All winter activities work well with each other.
  • bschrade about 1 month ago
    I haven't seen a issue with safety on the lake in the winter.
  • Lake user about 1 month ago
    Motor sports have a greater safety risk. Speed and ice rinks that pose obstacles especially in the dark.
  • Pep about 1 month ago
    snowmobiling has the greatest impact due to speed of the machines.
  • wweger about 1 month ago
    snowmobiling has the greatest risk due to the speed on the machines. I do not see this as a major problem.
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards about 1 month ago
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