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5 months ago
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What summer activities do you believe have the greatest impact on safety on the Lake? Why?

  • Kathy 6 months ago
    Wakeboard boats make huge waves which are hard on the shoreline, rentals are not monitored and the users have no vested interest in anything other than their own fun - they do not seem to know anything about the rules on water and have yet to display any common sense. Boaters need to realize that sailboats have the right of way, as do any boats with less power. Sometimes there is just too much activity out there and the boat launch needs to raise prices and set limits on the numbers.
  • Harvey 6 months ago
    It is generally the mix of motorized and non-motorized craft/swimmers using the lake. The lack of control of increased motorized watercraft and driving watercraft at excessive speeds will ultimately result in the most impact on safety on the lake. In addition, the non-enforcement of allowing water skiing without a spotter, watercraft operating at night without running lights and allowing alcohol on boats will all affect lake safety
  • alyssiajewel 6 months ago
    Given our small lake size, the over launching of motorized watercraft and inexperienced power-craft users (rental or otherwise).
  • Brennan 6 months ago
    Tubing for sure!!!!
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
      Tell us more! What about tubing on the Lake is impacting safety?
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      • Brennan 6 months ago
        Going in circles. And trying to hit the waves of other boats getting to close to surfers and wakeboarders. Would also add that the yatch club seems to be unsafe.
      • Nkolevris 6 months ago
        The boat drivers for tubers typically drive the whole lake doing 360 turns and are driving in excess speeds while the driver isn’t looking forward they are turned looking at their tubers, we have been sitting in the boat towards the end of the lake and had the same tubers do circles around us and constantly cut other boaters off.It’s very hard to do any sport when there are tubers on the lake as they disrupt the lake the most out of any of the others.Their should be a speed limit for tubers. And a designated area. Everyone else drives a straight path for surfing, wake surfing and water sking.This is the only activity that is so unpredictable.Surfing is done at 10-11 mphTubing is being done at 20 or more mph
  • Jolleen 6 months ago
    inexperienced boaters and the amount of boats on hot days.
  • Phil Wilson 6 months ago
    Tubing is by far the most dangerous activity in the water. I think wakesurfing and the size of the wakes isn’t the issue many home owners make it out to be. Many docks should have removal orders from bylaw as they have had zero maintenance in 40 years and are in terrible disrepair. I do recognize that we have some drivers that drive way to close to shore with a ballasted boat. It does endanger kids and property. Many lakes have restricted activity within 150ft of shore. We should have the same.
  • Pep 6 months ago
    Tubing due to lack of direction, whereas other sports are straightline sportsSwimmers off of Sunset beach, they swim into the middle of the lake and are nearly invisible.Wake surfing due to the large wake. Artificial ballast enhancement needs to be reviewed and limited to protect our shorelines, docks, other boats that can easily be capsized. These wakes are very dangerous to people swimming within their own dock area, it can easily sweep a child under or rebound them off the ground, retaining wall or nearby docks. Rental seadoos, most of these drivers have proven to have a lack of lake knowledge. Renters do not have to hold Pleasure craft operators license, the renting company issues them a temporary license. The seadoos chase boats and jump wakes, and have had collisions already.
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
      Thanks for letting us know. We appreciate you taking the time to participate.
    • lesliedilts 6 months ago
      Love seeing everyone out on the lake enjoying anything and everything, that is part of the joy of this lake, but with its size it’s shores cannot keep taking the increase in motor size and bigger ballasts for the bigger waves without damaging property and shorelines. As property owners it is expensive already to build and maintain docks and shorelines. Would an option be for the south end to be set up with rock shoreline to absorb the big waves and the city being able to maintain it?
  • bschrade 6 months ago
    The biggest risk of accidents that we have seen personally on the lake is the rental boats and jet skis. If something isn't done to change the process how these are rented to inexperienced unlicensed operators there will be a serious accident in the future. We have personally witnessed operators that have had alcohol in the pub and then loaded up a group of guys to go tubing, they were so inexperienced that the driver accidentally gave close to full throttle backwards beside the dock while leaving. On another occasion we seen young guys on the rental jet skis accelerate towards people they did know on paddle boats and turn at the last minute to spray them, one of the paddle boats actually had a small infant on it. The people that run the rental company tried to get the jet ski operators to come in and were ignored for a while. We have also had rental jet skis and boats cut us off and stop in front of us when we were surfing and skiing.
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    • lesliedilts 6 months ago
      Unfortunately the biggest problem is that anyone can get a boating license and no one has to have any proven skills. You go online, the govt takes your money, you have a license! It’s a joke and that rentals can give someone a temporary license on top of all that is ludicrous...
  • wweger 6 months ago
    Tubing and watersking due to speed and many quick turns. Part of the sport.
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
    • lesliedilts 6 months ago
      Waterskiing is typically done on calm mornings without the traffic, it’s really the only way to get in a good ski. The people that come in on weekends of course have to take what they get waterwise, but I do not see a lot of skiers out when the water is super rough
  • ifarrell 6 months ago
    each activity has its ups and downs, some are fast, some are slow but putting them all together with the congestion is the issue. Some of the time it is just boater etiquette as if you are encroaching on another boat take notice and move. There are always spots to get away from the other boats. Having paddle boards crossing under the bridge is the only place that I have been really concerned about, 90% of the people are good enough to get on their knees and paddle through. The other 10% that are either new or just make a mistake and are now falling into an area that most boats can’t really stop without more potential for injuries is the only location that I find has a real risk factor. I normally wait for them to clear before proceeding but not all people do.
  • Lake user 6 months ago
    Boat rentals, tubers, Jet skis. Many boat renters have never used a boat before and don’t know the rules of operating a boat. Tubers as the boats go in circles trailing other boats trying to jump other boat wakes. Jet ski some users are traveling to close to other boats or people in the water and jumping other boat wakes.
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    • Admin Commented Kate Richards 6 months ago
      Thanks for your feedback.