Bylaw Amendments

over 1 year ago
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Do you have any concerns or comments about the proposed change to the taxi bylaw that would require every taxi/ride-share driver picking up passengers in Chestermere to hold a valid Chestermere business license (as opposed to our existing bylaw that only requires the parent company to hold a license for all their drivers)?

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  • j33sloman over 1 year ago
    I am very concerned that introducing this bylaw will drastically hurt the level of service available to Chestermere residents. Ride share drivers that spend most of their time in Calgary as well as Calgary based taxi companies will likely stop servicing Chestermere. While this will be a great barrier of entry and protect the few local taxi companies, it will drive up the cost and reduce options for the 20,000+ residents of Chestermere. The current local taxi companies currently offer limited service availability and are often not able to meet my needs. They are also often overpriced vs ride share and Calgary taxi competitors and having the additional competition will force them to offer better service and rates.
  • Lawrence Rault over 1 year ago
    I think the parent company is sufficient
  • Tim Reid over 1 year ago
    I am opposed to having each driver having to purchase a business licence, They are vetted by Uber. How would you enforce this anyway - are you going to stop every Uber driver you happen to see. Bylaws without enforcement are a waste of time and paper. Why would you want to make it more cumbersome for an individual to choose to drive for Uber, keep it simple - the local taxis do not provide the service required for most people. Move forward not backwards.
  • Jackie Hamilton over 1 year ago
    If all local Chestermere cabs require a separate business license, then other drivers should as well. Make it a reasonable cost.
  • Marjorie Fortna McKay over 1 year ago
    If you are at the airport in Calgary, you won't be able to get a cab, because they will not want to have to pay for a Chestermere license. The Chestermere cab companies are paying for a business license to run their business in Chestermere. Maybe by this logic we should make all realtors that sell homes in Chestermere buy a license, This will not help anyone in Chestermere get back to Chestermere.
  • PetePetePete over 1 year ago
    Absolutely terrible idea. I use ride sharing a lot and they're all from Calgary. Uber drivers don't even know where they are taking their passenger until they are in the vehicle and start the session. That's how it works. This hare-brained scheme is nothing more than a money-grabbing tax that imparts an unfair condition to both the driver and passenger. Drivers will ultimately cancel the ride as soon as they see that it's a ride to Chestermere.
  • Rbauhuis over 1 year ago
    License the company.
  • Candace Ortiz over 1 year ago
    My concerns are that this is a money grab. You cannot offer "better regulation" as an excuse because you can't monitor them. All you will do is make them pay to register and if they're local, you'll make them pay for a home business license too (yes, even if it's just a telephone they're using). More of a grab. You cannot monitor their ability,, performance, traffic violations, etc. like their parent company already does- so to say you're regulating anything other than more paperwork and more incoming fees is just not right. You are not providing any added service at all to the residents of Chestermere by doing this.
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    • Janine Wahl over 1 year ago
      I agree with this entirely. It’s pretty unenforceable and all it’s going to do is serve as a deterrent for customers in Chestermere to have an alternative for transport around town and into Calgary. It also hamstrings people that need transport from Calgary into Chestermere. You know, people that might spend money here?

      It’s hard enough to find a taxi at peak times at the best of times. Why? Because their is a large portion of good gigs in Calgary and there a few companies here. Crippling taxiing options is only going to encourage people to take a chance and drive when they shouldn’t.

      Until there is viable, reliable and alternative transportation within Chestermere and back and forth to Calgary, this needs to be left alone. Maybe revisit the idea when there is ample infrastructure in place.
  • Neil Neufeld over 1 year ago
    This would be a largely unenforceable law, unless council is willing to deploy the expensive RCMP to stop all taxis entering the city to identify whether they have a passenger to drop off, and without it a valid city license.
    Even doing this, it would take but days for these out of city taxis to learn that the answer is that they just dropped off a passenger.
    So why create rules for the sake of creating rules?
  • mckayra over 1 year ago
    Has anyone from council ever experienced how difficult it is to actually get a cab or ride share actually willing to go to Chestermere? It is very difficult to get anyone willing to drive out to Chestermere when they can easily have double the fares in Calgary in half the time and this will make it so no taxi or uber will accept a fare going into our city.

    We are a city of almost 20,000 people with no public transportation available and our city that is not reasonably walkable let alone going into Calgary. There are very few jobs available in Chestermere and most people require transportation into work in Calgary and surrounding areas. The two cab companies in town are not sufficant to service our population and are unreliable and not available to provide the support that our city needs.

    I am concerned with this new bylaw negatively affecting Chestermere residents that are choosing not to drive impaired especially with the new impaired driving laws being unable to reliably get a cab. I can not see cabs or ride shares be willing to pay an additional $50 to drive someone safely to Chestermere when there simply is more volume of customers in Calgary. Please do not impact the ability for residents to get a safe ride home.
  • Chappy over 1 year ago
    Chestermere Taxi companies are not permitted to pick up rides in Calgary, unless the taxi driver first took the person to Calgary from Chestermere. So this would even the playing field and give our local Taxi companies a shot at surviving in a tough market. Just imagine how much tougher it would be if we had no taxi companies in Chestermere.
  • misk over 1 year ago
    We need to do everything we can to ensure we have taxis in our community. it has not been unusual for us to be on the phone for 3+ HOURS trying to get a ride home within our community. This is unacceptable. We do our due diligence in ensuring we don't drive after having a few drinks and can't find a means of transportation home. In one case we had guests call keys please from Calgary but since they cabbed to our residence, they had to take our vehicle their home using keys please.
  • kjwburfoot over 1 year ago
    There is already no public transit here, it’s nearly impossible to get a cab (and when I manage to, it’s the cab owner’s family or friend with no license anyway), and now you’re trying to stifle Uber? Terrible idea!
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    • Candace Ortiz over 1 year ago
      Exactly. We need to encourage as much rideshare and taxi services as possible, until public transportation is available. We can't have a population of over 20k, and a couple dozen places to consume or purchase alcohol, without easy access to a safe ride home. Let's not reduce our options by adding any more barriers.
  • jaredheinzig over 1 year ago
    Why would you make it harder for transportation into the city.

    This is a clear money grab and would be a negative impact
  • pivarnyik over 1 year ago
    The Calgary based company I work for offers taxi chits for employees so they do not drink and drive after a company event. They only use one cab company. How would this new bylaw affect the company supplied taxi chits? This is clearly a cash grab for the City of Chestermere. Who continues to think up these bylaws in our City? There is already a shortage of transportation in and out of the City of Chestermere and now Chestermere wants to have more regulations? Stop the madness!!!!!