Taxi Services

over 1 year ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

Do you have any comments or concerns about the taxi/ride-share services in Chestermere?

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Consultation has concluded. Thank you for your participation. 

  • Tim Reid over 1 year ago
    The only comment i would make is that you do not want to make it any more difficult for people to choose to be a driver with Uber etc. we need more options not less.
  • kjwburfoot over 1 year ago
    We absolutely should do everything we can to make is easier, not harder, for Uber to operate here. Unless you’re going to put in public transportation! We need more options, not more regulation and fees. It’s already really expensive to do business here.
  • jaredheinzig over 1 year ago
    What service ??

    We don’t have service. Can hardly get a cab. Limits people from trying to get home safe. Makes for a safety concern with potential drinking and driving.
  • chudson over 1 year ago
    I agree with the others. The City should not make it difficult for ride sharing by requiring a business license for all drivers. Besides, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to enforce.
  • Rbauhuis over 1 year ago
    Only the parent company needs to be licensed.
    If this gets passed, letter carriers, newspaper delivery, food delivery, meter readers, etc would need to be licensed individually as well.

    Find your tax revenue by enticing more businesses to open in our city.

    Entice more business by properly planning shopping districts and not scattering it to the wind.